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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#10)

Recruit some Quality PEOPLE:

The ONLY type of people you want in your clan are friendly, helpful people, that are loyal, reliable, honest, and never cheat (100% of the time). You do NOT want "clan-hoppers". Members should compromise occasionally, as needed for the good of the clan. They should regularly help and participate in your clan's work and Events.

ONLY let in "friendly" people into your clan, do NOT let in guys that are jerks, just simply because they play good or have a server. You want people that are loyal, reliable, honest, and never cheat (100% of the time).

RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT, (but don't SPAM). Have all your members help recruit in games and open forums 2 or 3 times a week. In our clan, we call these people "recruiters".


If you meet someone and talk to them on RW and they are ok, tell them to put a [-G] GUEST tag on there name.

Actually, our clan makes people hang out around our clan a few days and study our RULES page, then we also give them a little "[-G]GUEST QUIZ" (about our clan rules). Our clan is REALLY hard to get into, you might not be able to be so picky with your new clan or you might never find any new recruits.

Once a NEW GUY says he/she wants to JOIN your clan:

  • Get the new guy to pick (1) and only (1) game name to use on RW, ICQ, and in the game (if they are using more than one game name.) This makes it easier to keep track of people and for everyone to meet the new guys and not get confused by one person using several game names (especially once you get 20+ members.)

  • Make sure they are not in any other clans.

  • Get their contact information (their email, address, and or ICQ#, etc).

  • Give them your email, ICQ #, and the clan web page address.

  • Get them to download and install the FREE "Roger Wilco" software program (if that is the voice program your club uses.) "RW" is the most popular voice communication software (there are others).

  • Get them to download and install the FREE "ICQ", it's the most popular instant messenger software (it's the most popular amongst gamers). They should get their own ICQ# if they don't already have one.

  • Ask them to post a message on your clan message board introducing themselves to your clan. They should use their game name and should list their hobbies and their favorite games and where they are from (State/Country, but not street address ;-).

  • After they do the above steps, tell them they are OFFICIALLY a GUEST of your clan and tell them that they can put a [YOUR-TAG-G] in front of their name. (Example: "[yW-G]" was the GUEST tag we used in YoungWARRIORS.)


In our clan, we are EXTREMELY HARD to get into. Your new clan might not be able to be so picky at first, or your clan might die because of lack of recruits. We like to have people hang out around our clan for a while before we spend the time giving them a "TRY OUT" for our clan. We make new people wait at least 3 months before a TRY OUT, but we are a 3+ year old clan with 50 members and bunch of  servers.;-)

You might want to make sure people come around your clan for at least 3 days as "[-G]GUESTs", before you spend your time giving them a TRY OUT. You can see if they are good guys or troublemakers. You should hang out on RW with them to get to know them and so they can get to know the clan's members.

"TRY OUTs" are where a COUNCIL Members gets together with the new guy and some current members for about an 1 hour or 2, to all play on the same game server to see how well the new guy plays as a TEAM member over Roger Wilco. This is to see how well the new guy uses RW to tell everyone else were the enemy are, where the enemy attackers, defenders are at, what class he is playing, offence-defense, etc, etc. (Note: here is where a clan server and rcon really helps out.)

Once people pass a TRY OUT and are initiated, then add their info to your Roster page (if you have one). Keep track of the new guys' ICQ and email info and post a message on the message about the new guys to let everyone in the clan know you have a new guy in the clan, and what his/her game name is.

In our clan, only "MEMBERS" are allowed to attend clan meetings, "GUESTs" are not allowed, you might want to make your clan a little more open then ours at first, until it grows to about 15-20 reliable active members.



"Initiation Ceremonies" can be a lot of fun for everyone. When you give "TRY OUTS" to new guys, if they pass the try out, part of their in-processing should be an "Initiation Ceremony".

The "Initiation Ceremony" of new guys being made a clan member goes like this is:

  • (Half-life TFC is very good to give Initiation Ceremonies in.)
  • After the TRY OUT, everyone gets on the same team.
  • Everyone goes to the same respawn room.
  • The COUNCIL Member sprays the clan's logo on the floor.
  • The new guys stands on the clan logo.
  • Everyone else gets against the wall.
  • Everyone gets their crowbars out.
  • The COUNCIL Member ask the new guy if he/she "Promises to always be loyal to your clan".
  • The New Guy must say "YES".
  • The COUNCIL Member says "You are now OFFICALLY a Member of the [insert-your -TAG]Clan, Congratulations !!"
  • Now EVERYONE starts crowbaring one another and throwing grenades, the respawn room goes insane for about 10 minutes !!
  • Then a COUNCIL Member should issue the new guy the clan's passwords.
  • Then a COUNCIL Member should post an "OFFICAL Message" on your clan message board annoucing the "OFFICAL New Member", so they guys that were not there, will know about the newest Member.
  • A COUNCIL Member should then add the new member's name to the Roster page (if you have one).


Your clan should be designed so that not only members, but everyone values a "Membership" in your clan.  You should promote and reward loyalty and pride in your clan's name and [Tag]. Keep your clan's reputation clean, and everyone will respect your clan. Your clan's members should not do stupid stuff to embarrass their clan and shame it's [tag]. Membership in your clan should have it's privileges and offer some extra benefits. Only give rcon passwords to your clan's hardest workers. Keep a list of all members and their ICQ# numbers and email addresses, eventually you will want to make a "Roster" page that lists all your members. 


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