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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#11)
  Look, beg, and find a game SERVER for your clan:

A clan server really helps with clan practices, if you have rcon to that server. A clan server (with your clan's name and [tag] in the server's name) also helps advertise and draws recruits to your clan. However, a clan server is NOT the clan, a clan is about the people.

Once a week, or until your clan gets a server, get ALL your members together, then get them to help LOOK for a game server for your clan. ASK server owners that you see on servers, to host a server for your clan (do not spam them though). You should occasionally get all your members together, then they each should start jumping on different "Half-Life" game servers looking for contact information of the server's admin. If you find a web page, icq #, or email address, send the server 's admin a polite letter, asking him/her to host a "OPEN public server" for your clan. We call these events "Server Search Parties". If everyone helps and you look, ask, look, ask, look, long enough, your clan WILL find a clan server.

Our clan went it's first 6 months without a clan server. A server does -NOT- make a clan, it just makes it better.

A clan is ALWAYS about the PEOPLE, I can not preach that enough. You can rent game servers for about $40 (US) a month, see our Links page for server rental companies is a established server rental company that gives you a game server and a Roger Wilco Base Station and  web space. We would suggest NOT hosting your web page there, the reason being is, if you change game server rental companies, your site's URL will change to (you could use their cgi features though in conjunction with your free site.)



Have FUN and be FAIR. Play, practice, recruit more, train your members, hold try outs, have classes or workshops,  have meetings, get in some matches, solve problems, avoid net-mosquitoes and fights, add to and build your clan. Continually plan and fairly divide up the work, responsibility, and authority. Most importantly HAVE SOME FUN AS A CLAN.

You have started a clan, lets see if you can do the hard part now, and keep the clan all together.

Have scheduled "clan Meetings" once a month, let everyone discuss, (NOT cuss) about problems and the future of the clan. COMMUNICATION is very important with any group of humans, in order to keep them happy any appreciable amount of time.

Make time to reward and recognize the clan's hard workers.

It's NOT a company, NOT a country, and NOT the military, its a clan, so run it as such.

Time zones are a concern for global clans, as your clan grows, you'll find you need to quickly learn HOW to tell time globally. You will start to hear people ask "what time is the practice?", ""what time will you be online?"", ""what time is Eastern Standard Time?"" (used on the East Coast of USA) , or maybe ""what time is GMT?"" (Greenwich Mean Time, used in the United Kingdom) , "what is -5GMT mean?", and "what time is it where you are ?". Go here to learn more about time zones.


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