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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#12)

If you can build and hold your clan together for at least 2++ months, -THEN- worry about this advanced stuff.;-)


NOW,,,,,, add needed extra "TOOLS" to your web page:

If your clan has lasted for the first 3 months or so, now start to think about spending the time to add the more "advanced" web tools to your clan's web page.

If you do not have one already, you might want to add a "Roster" page with your clan Members' names and add a link to it from your clan's home page. You may or may not want to add your clan members' ICQ numbers and email addresses on your Roster page, beware what info you show on your web page to "net-mosquitoes". You can see an example [yW] Roster page here.

You might want to get a free "web calendar" for your clan's web page. A web calendar is a great way to organize and schedule a BIG clan's meetings and practices. is the best free web calendar hoster. Here is an example "clan Event Calendar" (please don't copy it ).You will probably want a Council Member to maintain and keep it up to date. You can also just use your clan's "FORUM" (Message Board) instead of getting, setting up, and daily maintaining an extra calendar account.

You might want to add a free hit counter. A "hit counter" is added to your web page to show you how many visitors see your clan's web pages. FastCounter and are good web page counter services, but you need to understand how to add "html" to install either of them. We have other free counters listed on our Links page.

You might want to get a free IRC text chat channel for your clan's web page. It's handy for setting up matches with other clans. You could also just use ICQ's group "CHAT" feature for this too.

If your clan has lasted 3+ months and is still going "strong", you might want to get a "www.YOUR-Clan'". You can get a and your basic web page hosted for about 120$ (US) per year. Compare prices of pay web hosters and their different offered features. Pay close attentions to features and added setup fees. You can pay 35$ (US) and have your point to your web site with a "URL Grabber", and have your web site hosted at a free web site hoster (the free web site host will still stick it's banner on top of your page. To be really cheap, you could go to and get a free for your clan (which adds another extra banner). See our Links page for links to more web hosters and domain name registries.

Organize more and fancier events and classes:

Your clan might want to try experimenting with other mods and games to diversify your club and to keep it from getting "stale".

You might want to ask volunteers to organize fun and neat "events" for your clan (Sniper WAR Events, or New Map Night Events, etc). Having a clan server really helps with this.

ALLY and Merging with another clan:

You might want to "ALLY" with other friendly clans to have readily available friendly opponents to practice against (scrimmages).

If you find a small clan that is about to die, you might merge with them and absorb their members to give their members some place to go. DO NOT recruit another clan's members, it is very LOW CLASS. Your clan's COUNCIL Members should have a meeting with the other clan's leaders to talk to them about a merger or alliance. Do NOT steal another clan's members.

Organize matches with other friendly clans:

There are a bunch of "leagues" that you can enter you clan into for organized scheduled "Matches" against other clans. If you sign up for a match, please show up for it. If you don't have a lot of people in your clan you might want to hold off on league matches. You will also need to get regular practices going to hone your clan's skills, You will probably need a "IRC" channel to coordinate matches with other clans. You will also be needing a clan server really badly for the matches and practices. For a complete list of "Leagues" see our Links page.

You can also set up informal "FuN matches" with other clans by simply posting messages on the's CLAN Forum asking if any other clans want to have matches that night against your clan. The AtomicWARRIOR SERVERS should be online soon.

Create a "Clan LOGO" for your clan:

All self respecting clans need a good Clan spray paint CoLoR LOGO to spray in the games. "Spray paints" can be used in "Half-life" games to get the word out about your clan to new recruits (if you put your clan's URL on it). If you don't have a "Logo Expert" in your clan, you should stop by "The CoLoR LOGO BIBLE" and learn how to make a custom clan logo spray paint decal yourself. If you make a logo, SUBMIT it for posting at the LOGO WareHouse to show the world the PRIDE that your clan members have!
LOGOs help build espre de corps !!

Here is an example of the [yW]clan logo#1:

This is an example Half-life color spray paint Logo of [yW]YoungWARRIORS

There are a million other things a clan leader needs to know:

We can't teach you everything a clan leader needs to know, but just generally try to be fair and honest and recruit and reward your hard workers, and hopefully your clan will survive to go on to be one of the GREAT Clans !

If you learn something, that you think should be added to this tutorial, please Contact us about what you think should be added to the "The Clan Leader's Bible".

(You have (1) more page to read, to finish this tutorial.)


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