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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#4)
  Get some HELP, divide up the AUTHORITY and WORK:

"A clan is -NOT- a "magical refrigerator" on the internet that is filled by mommy and daddy. A clan starts off more like an "empty box". In order for your clan to have the "neat things" (like servers, events, great members), EVERYone in and around your clan must GIVE something TO the clan and the clan must SURVIVE. If everyone continually gives a little to the clan, and they do not take or demand too much attention back from the clan, and if the clan is stable and continues to grow and to exist, with time, the clan (AKA the "empty box") will slowly fill and you will build a great clan."

Running a "successful" clan is a LOT of work, so get/ ask/ beg/ convince/ recruit, until you find **SEVERAL** FRIENDLY and HELPFUL people to ALSO SHARE THE POWER of being "in charge" of your clan while SHARING the WORK of running a successful clan. Share in the authority and work. We call these guys "COUNCIL Members" in our club, they set policies and assign and distribute work and authority. Get some HELP, because building a successful clan is a LOT of work. Divide up the AUTHORITY and WORK. Decide who will be in charge of which parts of the clan "chores": web site, message board moderator, recruitment, finding servers/ rconing events, try outs, running practices, etc.

There is no such things as a clan with one person in it. Search out and find good people that are mature and understand the amount of work that is required to build a clan. Go get some HELP, share the work, responsibility, and power. Always reward and delegate authority to the loyal hard workers in your clan.


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