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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#5)
  Pick an ORIGINAL unused NAME and [TAG] for your clan:

Please don't be a "cloner-clan". Only silly kids start a clan and CLONE another pre-existing clan's name or clan [TAG]. We call these silly kiddy clans (that do this) "cloner-clans". Usually clan leaders, that are not awear, and/or are too lazy or too stupid to even do simple checks to pick an "original" clan name and [tag], are usually starting up a "flop-clan ". A flop-plan" is a clan that runs for 3 months or less, then "flops" (dies). Make sure that your clan name is an original clan name. Pick a clan name that you are proud of and is "presentable" (no cuss words). Help keep the peace in the gaming community and RESPECT other clans, pick an original clan name and clan [tag]. Don't be a "cloner-clan"

To pick an ORIGINAL clan name and an ORIGINAL clan [TAG], go up to AtomicWARRIOR Club REGISTRY and other "clan start-up" web sites and start checking to see if the clan [tag] and clan name, that YOU want, is NOT taken and being used in games by people on public servers. Simply search to make sure no one is listed at clan-start-up websites already with the clan [tag] and name that you want to use. If you have an IQ above a retarded 3 legged rat, there is NO reason to copy (CLONE) another clan's name or [TAG] and make your clan a silly "cloner-clan".

You can use letters (either UPPER "A" and lower case "a") and numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,) in your clan [Tag]. You should know that clans consider it RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to clone their clan [taG]. If you use UPPER and lower case letters and numbers in a (3) character [TaG], there are over 238,328 different possible tags. If you use a 4 character "[tAg2]", there is almost 15 MILLION different possible tags. There is no reason you should clone another clan's tag.

For example, we could have made the [yW] YoungWARRIOR tags one of these ways:
[yW], [yw], [Yw], [YW], [Y-W], [y-W1], [1yw], [cyw] (for clan yW), [yWc] (for yW clan), [yW-c], [yW-C], etc, etc, etc,etc, etc.
NOTE: we researched and chose the tag ""[yW]"".

Some clans use these marks "-" instead of square brackets "[" . Some use "-" and "=" equal sign combos . Some use "~" tilde charaters instead of "[". Some use "[" curly brackets. Some just use a "_" underscore like yW_dawgboy.

Partial Examples of tag enclosures:
[yW], -yW-, -=yW=-, {yW}, ( yW), ~yW~, yW_, _-=yW-=_, [{yW}], [(yW)]. etc, etc, etc, etc.
NOTE: we researched and chose the tag "[yW]".

NOTE: some server admins KICK people for using the tilde "~" character in there name, as it causes problems for inexperienced server admins during rcon.

We would simply suggest that you use the "[]" square brackets in your clan's tag as it's "tag enclosure symbols", if possible. "[]" Square brackets are THE MOST recognized clan tag symbols and are therefore usually show the OLDEST clan and most stable clan using that tag. If needed, maybe change the letters' case or add a "c" or "-c" before or after if needed to make it unique (like [c-yW] or [yWc] , [Yw-C], etc, etc, etc).For a squadron you could add a the letter "s". For a guild you could add a "g". For a user group could add "ug", etc, etc, etc.

Come up with a UNIQUE tag for your clan so your members can take pride in it. There is simply no reason to clone a tag, as with all the variations of letter cases and numbers and tag enclosure symbols combinations, there are literally --BILLIONs-- of combinations.

You can check the various Clan Registries (like AtomicWARRIOR Club REGISTRY ) by clan [TAG] and by clan names to see if anyone else might have already started using the clan name  tag you want to use. Pick an ORIGINAL game name BEFORE you start recruiting and BEFORE you start building a clan web page, etc, it will save you some embarrassment.

After you register your club at the AtomicWARRIOR Club REGISTRY you get to put this cool logo on your club's web site to show everyone you are a registered clan!

Get  your club Registered today!



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