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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#6)
  Create your clan RULES and CLAN STRUCTURE:


Your clan will need some "RULES". It is very important to have some clan rules and to have them written down, so EVERYone can read them. That way, they will all know what to expect from the clan and what will be expected from them. To see a set of example basic clan RULES, check out the [yW]YoungWARRIOR Clan's RULEs page (notice the date by each rule that it was last added or changed). By putting dates next to each rule, your members will quickly be able to easily review changes and keep updated. Once you create a set of rules and write them down, any changes made to them later should be discussed in "Clan Meetings" by the clan's members before they are changed. Always at least give your members a chance to discuss the issues in a meeting first, they would have to "show up" for that meeting though. You will probably want to use some of [yW]'s rules for your clan. If you simply ask permission to copy these rules on the AtomicWARRIOR Forums, and also give the [TiC]Clan credit at the bottom of your page, and actually follow the rules, you will be welcome to use them (and link to too please ;-)).

Your clan will need some basic rules about:

  • Show up, help out, and have fun each week with the clan.
  • NO cheating.
  • NO cussing.
  • NO hacking.
  • Always treat people fairly and act civil and human to friendly people.
  • Clearly explain who is in charge of the clan (ie. the COUNCIL).
  • You can't be in any other clans, guilds, squadrons, etc.
  • If you quit the clan you can't come back.
  • Pick and use (1) game name for use in ICQ, RW, etc, to prevent confussion.
  • Only Council Members can give out passwords.
  • Always play on the same team as one team, whenever possible.
  • If someone has a question, post it on your clan message board, unless it is personal.
  • Don't talk when people are reading IP#s.
  • Use a paper/pen and pencil, write down IP#s, in case you have to reboot.
  • Don't SPAM people on ICQ, email, or the message board.

  • Help other members of the clan, but you don't have to give out cd keys. ;-)

  • If you are going to be gone a long time (over 3 weeks), be polite, post a message about it on the clan message board.

  • If you don't show up or post any "I am still alive" messages with in 6 weeks, you will be taken off the Roster.

  • Everyone, should expect to spend 10% of their "clan play time", helping back the clan.

  • Be polite and announce yourself if you come on the clan RW channel or before you leave the Roger Wilco channel, by verbally saying "your game name and hello/brb/good bye", etc.

  • If someone is in a another clan, they can NOT "hang out" on your clan's RW channels. They must QUIT their old clan first and post a message on THEIR old board about it for everyone to see.

  • It takes all Council Members to let someone in the clan or to kick them out.

    (The above list of rules are a perfect set of rules for a new clan, not too many but just enough.)


Your clan will need a "CLAN STRUCTURE". A "clan structure" is how your clan is organized and who has what authority, and who issues what authorities when and why. It's who hands out: passwords and 'access', gives try outs, lets people in, or kicks them out, etc. It is very important to decide "how" people will get into your clan, "who" will let them in, and what privileges your clan will offer non-members, guests, and members. It is important to write down and document your clan's structure, so EVERY new guy can read and understand who are the bosses of your clan, and who to ask for help. That way, they will all know what to expect from the clan and what will be expected from them. To see an example CLAN STRUCTURE, check out the [yW]YoungWARRIOR CLAN STRUCTURE page . You will probably want to use a simplified version of that CLAN STRUCTURE for your clan.

I would recommend using this CLAN STRUCTURE for a new clan:

  • Use (2) "[tags]" ( like these: [your-clan-G]and [your-clan]).
  • Use these (3) "levels"("GUESTS,"MEMBERS", "COUNCIL Members").
    [your-clan-G] for "GUESTS" of your clan (example [yW-G]).
    [your clan] for "Members" of your clan (example [yW]).
    [your clan] for "COUNCIL Members" of your clan (example [yW]).

I would recommend dividing up AUTHORITY this way:

  • Only COUNCIL Members can make someone a [-G]GUEST. (1) Council Member can make someone a guest.

  • It takes all COUNCIL Members to let someone in the clan (give a TRY OUT) or kick them out.

  • Council Members all meet together BEFORE and let one another know who they are going to give a try out/or kick someone out. (This is polite for the other Council Members.)

  • When Council Members give a try out/or kick someone out, they should announce it OFFICIALLY on the Message Board when its over and ask members to participate in it. (So the members will know who is in the clan).

  • If a new guy passes a "TRY OUT", the COUNCIL Members should conduct an "INITIATION CEREMONY". This is to make getting into your clan a big deal. We give "crowbar parties" to our new guys in the game of "Half-Life", it's a lot of fun and usually lasts to be 10 minutes of total chaos and fun, we highly recommend it! All the members beat the new guy with crowbars as he is sworn into the clan after he has passed his try out, this works really well in internet games like TFC on the ROCK map in a respawn on the same team. It's all in fun. In Counter-Strike we use our knives on the Dust map with no team uneven limit on a passworded server.

  • The COUNCIL Members should update and add the new guy's info to the Roster page (if you have one.)

  • Council Members should do the clan's web page, moderate the clan's message board, sign the clan up for matches. (To control the flow of the clan.) They should meet, then delegate the other lesser duties to Members (delegate: running Practices, advertising the clan, server searches, running Events, etc, etc).

  • COUNCIL Members MUST COMMUNICATE with one another every time they do something important, to prevent misunderstandings between Council Members.

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