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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#7)
  Create a basic clan HOME web page:

A clan web page is a "TOOL" :

A clan web page is a TOOL. It should be used to help teach new people about your clan, BRING TOGETHER all your members, keep them informed, be a place that they can help one another, and be a mechanism to be used by members to easily give help back to their clan. Just like this page, you are reading this tutorial off of this web page and using it as a "tool" to build or fix your clan. Web pages are just "paper" on the internet or a "tool", the web pages information is what is important to a clan.

You could get a "www.your_clan'" , but if your clan fails in 4 weeks, what a waste of money, right? Your best bet, is to start off at a very good FREE website hoster, say like (yahoo) or (lycos) or They are good free web sites. You could sign up for a free web site at and get an easy to remember  "" website web address for your clan.  To see an example clan web "SITE", go check out the [yW]YoungWARRIOR example clan web "SITE" (note: he [yW] site has a lot of extras at it's site for examples to show everyone and give them possible ideas). Do -NOT- spend too much time on YOUR clan web page for the first 2 months. Make a basic HOME page, with the Council Member's email address on it, maybe make a ROSTER page once you get 4 or 5 Members. Add clan JOINing instructions. Put a link to your clan message board (see step/page#8) and your clan Roger Wilco Base Station channel (see step/page#9). Most clans WASTE an ENORMOUS amount of time working on a very fancy web page, then --DIE--, because they did not spend the needed time to RECRUIT enough new members to keep their clan alive. Don't end up just a another DEAD clan with nothing but a pretty web page left of it?

The basic steps for creating a clan web page are:

  • Get a web page account at a FREE web hoster. (, or, or, or (lycos)etc, etc. See our LINKs page for a complete list of free web hosters or any other needed tools.)(Example account: Geocities is probably the best free hoster.

  • Get a "web page editing" software program (if you don't have one.) Windows "Front Page Express" is free with Windows 98. Front Page 2002 is 30 day 10$ trial software. If you are new to web page making you will need a "WYSIWYG" (What you see is what you get) type of html editor. You can use a WYSIWYG type of editor to actually "draw" your web page. You can get free versions and trial version of the various html editors at ( Just search their site for key words "html editors" for one to download. Learning the "html code" takes a lot of time, worry about the detailed stuff later, just make a "basic clan web page" for now. (A good tip is to see if you can recruit a webmaster for your clan while you are out recruiting.)

  • START READING, read the instructions for your web page editing software program, read the instructions at your web page hoster on how to build and upload pages and pictures, read read read !

  • You can get more information about making ".HTML" code for web pages by reading tutorials at (very good).

  • Now create your first clan web page (a ".HTML" document). Your first page will be called "index.html". Don't forget to put the Council Members' email addresses on it.

  • Get your web page up loaded to your web account at your web hoster. Some free web hosters actually allow you to create a web page by using menus at their site (its very simple, but very slow though).

  • Advertise your clan, start politely asking other webmasters to add a link to your clan's web page, on their page. This will help you recruit new members. will add a like to any friendly non-cheating clan as long as they add a link to first.

  • LATER, you might need to put other files up there on your site, you will need to "ZIP" up large files (compress them into .zip files) to make them smaller. Most free hoster sites only allow small files to be uploaded to their web sites. (WinZip is a pretty good free zip software, there are other programs out there.)

  • Only ".GIF" or ".JPG" or ".PNG" pictures (graphics) files will display on web pages (on a ".HTML" page), ".BMP" files will not work. You might need a graphics editor software program like Paint Shop Pro (free 30 day trial version) to convert image file types or make pictures for your clan page. A tip is to not use any graphics at first to save time. You can use Window98's "PAINT" program to draw ".bmps" files, then use "IrafanView" (a very good FREE graphics converter you can get from to convert graphics files to different formats.

  • Get a free FTP transfer software program to help transfer your web pages up to your free web account. (CuteFTP is a pretty good free "FTP" file transfer software program, there are other free FTP programs out there. Again, you can search for the key word "FTP" at or or or or to get free or shareware (trial version) software.)

  • See the AtomicWARRIOR LINKs page for tons of more helpful links on free web hosters, editors, graphics, FTP, ZIP, etc, etc, anything.

  • Once you get your club registered at the AtomicWARRIOR ClubREGISTRY, you get to put this neat logo on your site (and at least you will have one logo on your new site ;-). It also advertises the fact that your club is "REGISTERED"!

    Get  your club Registered today!

  • WYSIWYG web page editors are easy to use, here is a screen shot of what the panel you like as to u "draw" a web page.
    "Front Page Express" is a FREE web page making programm that comes with Windows98. You can "draw" your web page with it.
    (ex. using FrontPage Express to "draw")

Your clan's basic web page(s) should have these things:

  • Your clan's name and [TaG].
  • Your "RULES" page.
  • Your Clan leaders' email addresses.
  • Instructions on how to "JOIN" your clan.
  • A link to your clan's Roger Wilco Channel link (unless it's password and hidden).
  • A link to your clan's Message Board.
  • Each and every link on everyone of your pages should work.
  • Also, do NOT add large graphic files (over 30KB in size) that slow the download of your web page.
  • Each of your page should be smaller than 75KB in size (that's html plus all the included pictures or sounds files used on that page), so it downloads quickly.
  • Big sized pictures or photos are usually best as .jpg file format for the web. Small pictures are usually best as .gif file format.


To see an example clan web "SITE", go check out the [yW]YoungWARRIOR example clan web "SITE". It has some basic features and some intermediate features. A "web site" is made up of many "web pages". [yW]YoungWARRIORS was once the "kids" part of the [TiC]Clan. [yW] is no longer active, but there are still "ex-YoungWARRIORS" out on the internet that are spreading the good word of friendly gaming. Note, there were some B-A-D ex-YoungWARRIORS too, but we don't claim them, lol.


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