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When the going gets tough, you better have the "Clan LEADER's Bible" handy! It's a must read for every Clan Leader.

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14 June, 2001

foldr "The Clan Leader's Bible": (page#9)
  Get a Voice (Roger Wilco) Base Station channel:

Clan Voice Communication Software is fun and important:Get a good 25$ PC sterio headset microphone combo, you will sound clearer to others when you talk.

There are free software programs available for download off the internet that allow the users to actually talk with their own voice during a game to their teammates. This will greatly increase the fun and it enhances the teamwork of your club. All you need is a sound card, a microphone, and voice communication software to talk to and hear other people in your game. The person you are talking to would of course need a sound card, mic (or a headset-mic combo), and the same voice software program, and be on the same voice channel as you are too, to hear and talk to you.

There are several very popular free voice comms software programs out there like
Roger Wilco, TeamSpeak, TeamSound, Game Voice trial, Battle Comm, etc.


Get more info about Voice Communications for your Club:

The voice software that you pick to be used by your club is very important. You REALLY SHOULD go read the AtomicWARRIOR Voice Communications page for more info on the various voice programs and technology, headset mics, troubleshooting and tweaking. There are a lot of good tips there for a Clan LEADER or just individual gamers.


Get a FREE RogerWilco voice channel for your clan:

We would suggest going over to "VIPOR'S RogerWilco Users Group", and politely asking him to host a Roger Wilco Base Station channel for your club. Simply add a link to his web site on your home page first, then politely ask him, and he will usually do it for FREE. Tell him [TiC]EVIL sent you.;-)

You will want to add a link on your clan HOME page to your brand new clan RW channel, once VIPOR gives you one. Go to the site to learn how to add a link to your RW channel on your clan's HOME page. If you have any other problems, check out the Roger Wilco Support page.

If you know of any other place, that runs, free, stable 24-7-365, Roger Wilco, TeamSpeak, Teamsound, or Battle Com, etc, channels, just contact us, we will add their link here.


   REGISTER your clan's name and tag:

If you have followed all the steps and gotten to step # 9, you are well on your way to starting your clan.

Now, you will want to make sure no one else clones your clan name or clan [tAg] accidentally. Also, this is a good time to start advertising your clan too. Go up to the main clan registries AtomicWARRIOR Club REGISTRY,,,, etc. See our Links page for a complete list of registries.

Once you play on public servers for more then 2 hours straight, you will be automatically registered at

Once you get your club registered at AtomicWARRIOR Club REGISTRY you get to add the neat "REGISTERED" logo to your club's home page. Get  your club Registered today!


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