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When the going gets tough, you better have the "Clan LEADER's Bible" handy! It's a must read for every Clan Leader.

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14 June, 2001

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  Privacy Policy:

When a person creates an account to use a feature here they enter in their general "gaming related" info. It is a common and standard practice for an individual to use general and vague data when they apply for a free gaming related feature, such as using a game name nick name, etc.

User account information is collected by the webmaster and associates of the web site and is normally only used in the structure and scope of our web site to maintain the integrity of it as need for various features. We might also occasionally send out news or other info at times to people that have or are using features of this web site.

User email and personal data lists are not sold directly or given to any 3rd parties unless mandated by the Courts or by Law or if needed to handle an account that is causing trouble internally or externally at this time, however, we do run ads on this web site. The various advertisers at our site might use electronic "cookies" and other means to collect data (available from your browser) on you when you view our site and load their advertisement. We do not share any information directly from our web sites' accounts with our advertisers directly, but through cookies from their ads they can gain general information about your computer and other info if you visit their site and enter any data there. Due to the nature of the internet we can not guarantee how they will use that end data that they collect from you or that you provide to them. You would have to visit their individual site for their info. We are very selective as to the content of this site and will try our best to operate it with integrity at all times as best we can.

We will try our best to protect your privacy, but we will need your help in doing so. Any time you post your email on a public web page you subject it to the potential of being scanned by one of those "spam spiders" out there that troll the internet for your id. We have no control of the the bad forces that might gather data from this or any other public web page. Just use your own discretion when posting your email address or personal data for public view. We would suggest using a "game name" and general location data and the like when posting publicly in our forums, etc to help protect your privacy.

Users to this site have to adhere to our Terms of Service Policy and are personally responsible for maintaining the integrity of their accounts by doing the obvious, like protecting and not sharing their password(s) with any one or publicly displaying info they choose not to. A minimal amount of data is needed to use our features, certain info must be entered or our features simply would not be valid. Our forum and club registry and some other features are designed for public view with most information being displayed publicly by design, which is simply common sense. So do not show what you don't want to or don't use it. We are trying to provide a fun and clean public place for friendly people to feel comfortable and safe at as best we can, while utilizing the every changing technology of the internet and trying to adapt to it in a timely manner as best we can with in our resources and means.

Our Privacy Policy could be modified in the future without notify you.

AtomicWARRIOR stands for decency and we want to promote civility in online gaming and we want to work with all the good gamers out there to promote better global gaming that will be fun for, and civil to everyone decent.

Help us in our efforts to make a positive difference globally!

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