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14 June, 2001

foldr SUBMIT Your Files: is where  all the friendly insane maniac online gamers hang out !
   SUBMIT Your Files:

Files may only be submitted by the original authors. Material that is in public domain (free) may be submitted by anyone. AtomicWARRIOR reserves the right to post or not post the material submitted indefinitely (regardless of "bad reviews") and to use it as it sees fit. By submitting a file, you are giving AtomicWARRIOR the right to post, distribute, review, use, or any other action or right as needed, and others to review (at AtomicWARRIOR) this submitted file indefinitely free of charge to us as allowed by us. By submitting any files here you are certifying that all data you are submitting is free of any virus, malicious code or scripts, or "known bugs", or copyright infringements, etc. "material" and "file" means any software, map, logo, model, writing, tutorial, graphic, script, page, link, data, etc, and all accompanying files or information, in any form, hardcopy or electronic.

AtomicWARRIOR tries to be as fair as possible. Any material submitted for review might be reviewed by third parties, by submitting your files here you give these people the right to "rate" or judge and review your work as they see fit as allowed by us. You have to agree to our Terms or Service and Privacy Policy before submitting any thing here.


  1. Please include your GAME NAME in the email so we can give you credit for your work on our web page.

  2. Please ZIP all files in to the .ZIP format before you send them in . If you don't have a zipper program, you can get a free one at .

  3. Please send in your COLOR logos as ".WAD" files as .ZIP files.

  4. Please send in your REGULAR logos as ".BMP" files as .ZIP files.

I AGREE (used to submit logos)

I AGREE (used to submit other material)

I disagree



Start now, by helping us teach and train and reward the GOOD behavior of individual Gamers and clans . We have a need here at AtomicWARRIOR for volunteers to : run servers, to technically check material before it is posted here, and to moderate our Forums (Message Boards).
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