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14 June, 2001

foldr Terms of Service: is where  all the friendly insane maniac online gamers hang out !
  Terms of Service:

Since this is a gaming related site, we will try to use plain language whenever possible so that the average users might better understand what we are trying to communicated to them. First up, we make absolutely no promises what so ever to anyone. By using this site you agree to act civil and not to use foul or abusive language, actions, or communications, etc (as defined by us) at any time to anyone. Any services we offer can and probably will be changed in the future, with no notification to you. We make no guarantee as to the length of service or if we will even offer a feature or function to every person or group. This community is operated on a tight budget and any disruptive forces (as defined by us) could be quickly purged for causing a drain on it's resources. We are trying to make a fun place that will exist for a long time and help a lot of people, but we reserve the right as to who we will offer help and any other type of info or assistance to, etc and to what amount.

By using any info, feature, file, etc from this site you release us from any liability of any type what so ever, even if granted to you by some other power.

You also certify that you are not violating any laws by attempting or during your use of this site or any of it features and will not allow others to do so. You grant us the right to use all info available to us on you and to report it to any local, state, national, or international law force, controlling body, regulating agency, etc if we discover or suspect you are or are involved in or are planning on or are violating a law.

All terms used here are to be defined by us. By "us" and "we" we mean AtomicWARRIOR's webmaster and owner and not "you", the user.

You are responsible for controlling the amount of your personal data that you want displayed publicly, some features of this site are in fact public features. If you choose not to display a required bit of required data you would not be allowed to use that feature here. Also see and agree to our Privacy Policy.

The features of this site are to be used by individuals and clubs that visit, but not for commercial organizations, ventures or for profit. Each user is required to safe guard their password(s) for the various features that they use here. No second hand loans (re-issuing/sharing) are allowed for any item here, redistribution of items are not allowed. If we do offer features for whole clubs they are to be used by that club's members and not redistributed for profit or as part of a hidden redistribution scheme of our features. We reserve the right to terminate any and all features offered to an individual or club as a whole if we feel they are disruptive or do not follow the guidelines (as we define them). The features and info here are not allowed to be used against this site or it's owners in anyway.

Direct linking to our files is not allowed, only to our html pages. We do allow individuals to link to our ClubREGISTRY(tm) logo if they are a registered club in good standing. If we offer voice communication (Roger Wilco) channels in the future, the entire club of the person that originally registered it for that service, would be allowed to share it as longs as our other guidelines are followed.

Files may only be submitted by the original authors. Material that is in public domain (free) may be submitted by anyone. AtomicWARRIOR reserves the right to post or not post the material submitted indefinitely (regardless of "bad reviews") and to use it as it sees fit. By submitting a file or files, articles, news, tutorials, etc you are giving AtomicWARRIOR the right to post, distribute, review, use, or any other action or right as needed, and others to review (at AtomicWARRIOR) this submitted file (whole or in part or modified) indefinitely free of charge to us as allowed by us for as long as we may so choose. By submitting any files here you are certifying that all data you are submitting is free of any virus, malicious code or scripts, or "known bugs", or copyright infringements, leans, court litigations, etc. "Material" and "file" means any software, map, logo, model, writing, tutorial, graphic, script, page, link, data, etc, etc, and all accompanying files or information, in any form hardcopy or electronic, etc.

No matter how you interact with this site, by no means does that form any claim of ownership of any type for any item or part of this site, because of any text, registration, file, logo, tutorial, etc, etc what so ever that you submit or generate or post, etc here. You do not own a registration, it is considered part of our site.

AtomicWARRIOR trys to be as fair as possible. Any material submitted for review might be reviewed by third parties, by submitting your files here you give these people the right to "rate" or judge and review your work as they see fit as allowed by us.

We will try our best to attract good decent people to this site, but given the nature and the freedom of the internet we can not guarantee that disruptive forces will not surface here. We will try to keep this site and features as clean as we possibly can with the resources that are available to us and as our time allows.

Any copyright infringement that is reported to us will be reviewed and action will take place to correct for any infringement after a through investigation of the allegations. We will do our best to respect all artists every where and to give the originator credit when ever efficiently possible.

Any disputes will be decided by us at our convenience.

We reserve the right to modify or terminate this agreement at any time, without informing you of so.

Reproducing or distribution of this site or any part of it's content, tutorials, files, etc is strictly forbidden. Users may use a few files officered here for download as needed for personal use, but may not leech the entire site or clone it or redistribute it in any form.

You may not use this web site or any feature, info, or part of it until you agree to these terms.


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