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My wrist hurts


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14 June, 2001

foldr My Wrist Hurts!:
  My Wrist Hurts!:

"My Wrist Hurts from playing games that use my MOUSE!!".
By: [TiC]EVIL.
2 June, 2004
(also see other gaming tips at

DISCLAIMER - See a Doctor if you are hurt.
Do NOT get medical advice from a gaming web site. ;-)
This info here is simply that, "info", so make your decisions accordingly.

After spending hours and hours playing games the first month I got on my first personal computer back in 1998, I noticed that my right wrist started to hurt and get sore. The more I played, the worst it got. I figured out that with me, that the pain was being caused because my wrist was staying "bent" and being moved for hours as I used the mouse with that hand to play the PC games. Unwilling to stop playing the PC games ;-), I had to figure out what was causing the soreness and how to prevent it. I figured out pretty quickly that the soreness (in my case) was caused by improper alignment of my arm to my hand at my wrist and the fact that I was moving my wrist being bent in that position for hours at a time. I was laying my arm on my desk and had to bend my wrist (at a pretty good angle) to hold and move the mouse rapidly as the game demanded for hours.

The solution to my problem was to "elevate my wrist to the proper height" so that my wrist was not being bent so much. I needed to set my wrist on something, so what I did was simply rest my wrist on another unused mouse and it worked GREAT! The second mouse is about the same height as the one connected to my computer. If you don't have a second mouse, or an old junk mouse, you could probably use anything that is close to the same height as your mouse. The local computer stores sales little soft "gel wrist pads" for this purpose, but they smell pretty bad (I guess the chemicals in them must be pretty bad). After trying a gel pad for a few hours, my hand stunk like the pad. If you could find a good "non-stinking" gel pad, I guess that would be the best fix for this problem, but I have yet to find one. On the lighter side, in a pinch, I have even used a mostly gone toilet paper roll to rest my wrist on (I stuff the center of the roll with paper so it doesn't collapse). hey it's better than a sore wrist, I wouldn't do this at work though ;-).

Also, for me I had to stop playing PC games all together for almost a week for the soreness to completely stop. After that it was ok to play games as long as I always used the second mouse to elevate my wrist. I guess the soreness is caused by the beginnings of "carpal tunnel syndrome". I had a sister that was a typist and had had "carpal tunnel syndrome" so bad, she had needed surgery to correct it. Don't let it get to that stage. If it just won't stop hurting, you might need to see a Doctor.

In this diagram the wrist resting incorrectly directly on the table as it grabs the mouse:
(Notice the excessive angle the wrist is bent.)
If you play games with your wrist bent like this, your wrist on your "mouse holding hand" will usually get pretty sore.

In this diagram the person's wrist is resting on the second mouse to better elevate wrist:
Straighter wrist is better, I use a second mouse to rest my mouse hand on when I play games.

Sorry, for the quality of the drawings, I am not an artist. ;-)

Hope this helps you.
Happy gaming to all!
And remember, gaming shouldn't kill you!!

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