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LOGO Warehouse is now a part of AtomicWARRIOR. Download Halflife spray paint logos or submit your tested logos  for posting here.Check out the logo tutorials too !

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14 June, 2001

foldr LOGO WareHouse (tm) LOGO Warehouse is now a part of AtomicWARRIOR. Download Halflife spray paint logos or submit your tested logos  for posting here.Check out the logo tutorials too !
  Welcome, we have 300+ Half-life spray paint Logos !!:

Look below for a FULL list of our COLOR Logos' pageS

olor logos

Look below for a FULL list of our regular Logos' pageS

regular logos
(greyscale .bmp)
NO nudes, NO foul language, be an ARTIST not a punk, please ?
Sorry, NO nudes !
NO foul language !

Welcome to the World Famous "LOGO WareHouse", its a place for -ANY- inspiring artist to show off their handy creations. If you have "Half-life" game spray paint logos (decals) that you made, that you want to show off, simply SUBMIT your logo for posting here. Don't be a CHICKEN, submit yours today ! We try pretty hard to make sure that every Artist gets credit for their work here. If you find any problems with anything on this site, please Contact us. These spray logos WILL work in Half-life or -ANY- of its mods, like TFC, Counter-Strike, DoD, FireArms, FLF, etc, etc. Special thanks to the great guys over at [TiC]'TALK is CHEAP' Clan for their help.

   LOGO making TUTORIALs for Halflife:
  COLOR logos view and download: (pldecal.wad)
Color Logos 1-10
Color Logos 11-20
Color Logos 21-30
Color Logos 31-40
Color Logos 41-50
Color Logos 51-60
Color Logos 61-70
Color Logos 71-80
Color Logos 81-90
Color Logos 91-100

SUBMIT your COLOR logo for posting here
View or Download COLOR Logos
Ain't she ReeLL PeRDeY ? Check out all our COLOR LOGOs !
( I love her !! )
(Logo #40)
  REGULAR logos view and download: (.bmp greyscale 64x64)
Other handy logo links:

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BableFish's Decal Bazzar (greyscale logos)
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CounterSpray (logos)
CS Logo (logos and tutorial)
CS Sprays (logos)
CS Tags (Billy Nair's logos)
Cyber-Rat (logo tutorial)
Decal Converter (wad file converter)
Geek on a Leash (logos news)
GI-Joe (logos and tutorial)
Edit-Strike (logos tutorials)
Elite CS (logos, maps)
Half-Life Logo Creator (logo software)
Half-life SDK (Software Development Kit that contains the complier)
HandyVandals (mega links)
IrfranVeiw Icon editor (free image file converter gif/jpg/bmp/etc)
Kamikaze's Sprays (logos and tutorial) (logos and tutorial)
Logoville (logos tutorials)
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Muskusrat's Sprays (logos and tutorial)
Paint Shop Pro (graphics editor, it has a trial version)
Photo Shop (graphics editor, it has a trial version)
Play and Spray (logos)
Spray Can (logos)
Spray-Logo (auto logo making site)
SprayShack (logos)
The Paint Shoppe (logos and tutorial)
ThreeBoy's Art
Val's Regular Logo Tutorial (for regular logos)
Val's Color Logo Tutorial
VetGamer (logos,sprites,scripts)
WadFather (logo tutorial)
Wally (free .bmp to .wad file viewer/converter, logo tutorial)
Wolverine's Spray Site (logos and tutorials)

AtomicWARRIOR's Links page (tons of more logo links)


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