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14 June, 2001

foldr LOGO WareHouse (tm)
  How to INSTALL COLOR Half-Life Spray Paint Logos:

"How to INSTALL COLOR Half-Life Spray Paint Logos":
By: [TiC]EVIL.
Last updated: 14 July, 2004
All rights reserved.

Spray Paint Logo Downloading and Installation Instructions:

These color spray logos have been tested to work OK in "Half-life" and Half-life Mods (with the new "Steam" update), like TFC, Counter-Strike, DoD. They "should" work in other lesser Half-life Mods as well too.

  1. Download a spray paint logo by just double left clicking on one of the color spray paint logos on of the download pages over at our Logos WareHouse and then save the downloaded ".ZIP" file to a folder on your computer somewhere. (Note: see our Contact page for file use policies).

  2. Then double click that ".ZIP" file to "unpack" (extract) the Logo somewhere on your computer. The logo is the pldecal.wad file. To un-zip files you have to have a "un-zipper" software program like WinZip (it's a free download) to un-zip it.

  3. NOTE:
    The ".GIF" file is in the zipped file only for your convenience to view the logo outside the game and see what it looks like if you don't have a ".WAD" viewer software program like Wally (it's a free download).

    Because of changes brought on by "Steam" to the Half-life gaming engine (and ALL the other Half-life Mod's), you will now have to --RE-NAME-- the un-zipped downloaded logo's file name from pldecal.wad file to tempdecal.wad .

  5. Now move the tempdecal.wad file to each of your "Half-life Mod's" folders that you want to use it in.

    Here are the default paths to the various popular Half-life Mod's folders where the
    tempdecal.wad file should be copied to:
     (NOTE: Replace the "" with your email address you used when you registered at Steam.)
    (You only have to add the
    tempdecal.wad file to Mods you want to use the spray in).

    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike\

    Day of Defeat (DoD):
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\day of defeat\dod\

    TFC (Team Fortress Classic):
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\tfc\

    Death Match Classic:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\deathmatch classic\dmc\

    Half-life Classic:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\valve\

    Opposing Forces:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\opposing force\gearbox\


  6. NOTE:
    DO -NOT- go back into that Mod's "Options-Multiplayer" Game Menu after you install the new color logo's
    tempdecal.wad file or YOUR COLOR LOGO WILL BE ERASED from that Mod. You would have to re-install it if it gets erased.

  7. Now go into a game and spray the new logo !!! ;-) You might have to spray a new logo 2 or 3 times and wait a few minutes before the default Half-life "lambda" sign spray paint logo switches over to your new spray paint logo.

General Spray Paint Logo Tips:

You can have different logos in different Mods.

If you later decide you want to use another spray logo in a Mod, you will have to replace that Mod's tempdecal.wad file with your new logo's tempdecal.wad file. You can only have one file at a time in each folder named tempdecal.wad , so a trick is to just just re-name the un-used files by adding a number to their names like: tempdecal1.wad , tempdecal2.wad , tempdecal3.wad , etc, etc.

If you should ever want to get rid of your color logo spray and go back to the default logos, simply go into that Mod's "Options-Multiplayer" menu and select a default logo and click OK and your custom logo will be deleted. You might want to make a copy of the tempdecal.wad and save it for later just in case you do that though.

DO -NOT- USE the included ".GIF" FILES as SPRAY LOGOs, they will NOT work as "sprays" in Half-life or any of its Mods. You have to download and un-zip the pldecal.wad file version and re-name them tempdecal.wad and use them instead. The ".GIF" files are simply included to be an easy way to show you what each color logo looks like. You can view a ".WAD" file, if you open it with a free "Wad" file "Viewer" like Wally .

For info for using any info, files, downloads, submissions, etc , see our
Contact us page.

These spray logos have been tested to work OK in Half-life and it's Mods (with the "Steam" update) like TFC, Counter-Strike, DoD, DeathMatch, and "should" work in all other Half-life Mods as well etc, etc.

Special thanks to the great guys over at
[TiC]'TALK is CHEAP' Clan for their help with this tutorial.
Good luck and happy gaming!



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