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14 June, 2001

foldr LOGO WareHouse (tm)
  Color Spray Logo Troubleshooting Guide:

Color Spray Logo Troubleshooting Guide:"
By: [TiC]EVIL.
31 July, 2001
Last updated: 14 July, 2004
All rights reserved.

This procedure, if followed properly, will fix about 99.9% of all Half-life color spray paint logo problems.

Ok, to solve your "non-working color spray paint logo problems", we need YOU to start "isolating" possible causes. We are assuming you are using Half-life Counter-Strike. Btw, color logos must be installed for EACH individual Half-life mod to see them in that mod when sprayed.The [TiC] CS Server allows for UN-limited spraying of logos !! ;-)


  1. READ THIS ENTIRE "Color Logo Troubleshooting Guide" at least once before trying anything.
    Btw, if someone CRYs to us:
    "Whaaaa,,,Whaaaaa,,Mommy,Mommy,Mommy, my color logo don't work,,,,Whaaaa"
    Sorry, we will NOT help them, follow this guide first, please?


  2. First, YOU should test to make sure YOU have your "Half-life Counter-Strike" game (or other mod) properly installed and UPDATED to the latest version on your computer. Test to make sure YOU can JOIN and PLAY "CS" properly on a known working [TiC]Clan server. You can test your Counter-Strike by playing on the really good low pinging and friendly [TiC] Clan's Half-life Counter-Strike server here:

    "TALK is CHEAP"
    ip number =
    (a logo test Half-life Counter-strike Server)

    (Note: this server has the spray allow rate set to unlimited spraying, so you can spray all you want.)

  3. READ the ENTIRE "How to INSTALL COLOR Halflife Spray Paint Logos" page at least (2) times.


  4. Go to the first download page of the AtomicWARRIOR Color Logo Section:


  5. Then double left click on and download the #2 color spray paint logo ("[TiC]Clan I want you" logo) on that page (we KNOW this [TiC] color spray logo ALWAYS works).


  6. UN-zip the zipped pldecal.wad file. If you don't have an "un-zipper' software program get WinZip (it's free).

  7. Re-name the pldecal.wad file to tempdecal.wad instead.

    Half-life color spray paint logo files used to be named pldecal.wad , but now because of changes that the "Steam" update made to Half-life and it's Mods, the file must be re-named tempdecal.wad . So re-name your pldecal.wad  to tempdecal.wad .


  8. Put a copy of your BRAND NEW CUSTOM color spray paint logo tempdecal.wad file into each directory of each Half-Life Mod's folder that you want to spray it in.

    Here are the default paths to the various popular Half-life Mod's folders where the tempdecal.wad file
    should be copied to if you want to use them in those Mods:

    (You only have to add the
    tempdecal.wad file to Mods you want to use the spray in).

     (NOTE: Replace the "" with your email address
     you used when you registered at Steam.)

    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike\

    Day of Defeat (DoD):
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\day of defeat\dod\

    TFC (Team Fortress Classic):
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\tfc\

    Death Match Classic:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\deathmatch classic\dmc\

    Half-life Classic:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\valve\

    Opposing Forces:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\opposing force\gearbox\


  9. Now TEST SPRAY that logo on this SPECIAL Counter-Strike server ran by [TiC] Clan that always works and also allows '"unlimited logo spraying" (but no porn ;-):

    "[TiC]Clan TALK is CHEAP CS Server"
    ip# =


  10. Once you get on that [TiC] Clan Server,  WAIT at least (6) MINUTES before you start spraying (allow time for the logo to upload to the server and re-download back to your friend's computer), then SPRAY your logo (6) times (you should hear the "spray sound"). Your test color logo SHOULD have sprayed now, did you see it?? If you have friends on the server, did they see it??



Now, -IF- you did ---NOT--- get the #2 [TiC] LOGO spray to work on that [TiC] server after all that, THEN THAT MEANS YOU have a problem with YOUR computer's settings. You know this, because you know you have: your CS working properly, you downloaded and installed the #2 [TiC] color Logo properly, you got on a [TiC] game server that we KNOW already ALWAYS works with the #2 spray color logo, and you WAITED (6) minutes for the logo to UPLOAD to the server and you tested sprayed (6) times.

It is possible that you might have "LOGO SPRAYING TURNED OFF" on you computer, to make sure that this is not the case, get into a CS game and hit the "`" keyboard key and pull down the CONSOLE, then type these commands into the HALF-LIFE CS CONSOLE:

A. Type in:
cl_allowdownload 1

B. Hit your ENTER key.

C. Type in:
cl_allowupload 1

D. Hit your ENTER key.

E. Type in:
cl_download_ingame 1

F. Hit your keyboard's ENTER key.

G. Now get on that [TiC] CS server again and wait (6) minutes after you connect to it, then test spray (6) times again, it should spray now.

NOTE: the reason it takes a (6) minute WAIT after you connect to the server, it sometimes takes a while for the color logo to be "UPLOADED" to the server from your computer behind the scenes. Behind the scenes Half-life will also "download" your logo from the server to your friend's computer. This is what you are "waiting for".

If you do all these steps EXACTLY and STILL you can not get the #2 [TiC] Color Logo to spray on a [TiC] server, go to the
AtomicWARRIOR Forums and post your message saying you have TRIED and could not get the #2 [TiC] test Color logo to spray on a [TiC] CS server and that you follow the complete "Color Logo Troubleshooting Guide". In the message, post your game name, email address, a detailed descriptions of what you did and in what order and what happened, or did not happen.


-If- you DID get the [TiC] #2 color spray to work
on a [TiC] Clan CS server, NOW  try installing YOUR CUSTOM color logo (your
tempdecal.wad file) in your cstrike folder, this replaces the [TiC] logo tempdecal.wad file in that mod with your logo. See if your logos will spray now on that [TiC] CS server, if your CUSTOM spray paint color logo does NOT spray (after the proper installation of it and the (6) minute wait and (6) test spray attempts), then that means YOUR CUSTOM LOGO is bad. Go back and re-read the "The COLOR Spray Paint Logo Bible"  again (the tutorials on how to make a color logo). Read the ENTIRE "The COLOR Spray Paint Logo Bible" (2) more times, just read it don't whine ;-), substitute YOUR custom picture for our example picture of "deadBill". If you don't know what we are talking about when we say "deadBill", then READ the ENTIRE "The COLOR Spray Paint Logo Bible" tutorial about how to create a color spray paint logo and PAY ATTENTION this time ;-) !!

If your logo DID spray in STEP 8, then hey, its working, go spray it and thank us on the AtomicWARRIOR Logo Forum for helping you. ;-)

If you have any other questions,
DO NOT EMAIL us, please simply post on the AtomicWARRIOR Logo Forum  a detailed message with a description of what you tried and what happened or did not happen and ask for help there!!

We hope this gets you going with spray paint color logos!
Good luck and happy gaming and happy spraying!! ;-)



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