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14 June, 2001

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  The COLOR Spray Paint Logo Bible: (page 2 of 5)

The Color Logo Bible" (page 2 of 5):
By "[TiC]EVIL."
Created 9 July, 2001
Last updated 14 July, 2004.
All rights reserved.


  • Color logos are -NOT- like the regular 64x64 ".BMP" greyscale type of  default spray paint logos in Half-life.

  • A color logo is a ".WAD" file, that has to be named tempdecal.wad and has other requirements.

  • Because of changes brought on by "Steam" to the Half-life gaming engine (and ALL the other Half-life Mod's), spray paint logo's file name are now named tempdecal.wad instead of pldecal.wad like it used to be.

  • A ".WAD" file is sort of like a special "zip" file with a bunch of specially packed ".BMP" (bit mapped graphic) files in it.

  • If your original picture is a ".JPG", ".GIF", etc file it will have to be converted to a ".BMP" file before being converted to a .WAD" file (most of the time see "Advanced Tips" on last page of this tutorial).

  • You need a special program to convert correctly sized and indexed ".BMP" files into a ".WAD" file. We use Wally's "HL Decal Wizard" (it's a free download).

  • It is also possible to use parts of the Half-life's SDK (Software Development Kit) to do the conversion to a tempdecal.wad color logo, but its not as easy as using Wally's "HL Decal Wizard". There are also other "converter" programs out there that we have not tested. Hey Wally works!

  • You have to install a copy of your tempdecal.wad file into the folder of each Half-life mod that you want to spray it in.

  • Once you install a tempdecal.wad file into a Mod's folder, you can -NOT- go into that Mods "Option-Multi-player" menu to change your game name, etc, OR you will delete your custom color spray paint logo from that Mod and have to re-install your custom tempdecal.wad from a backup copy again into that mod.

  • Some people in the gaming community figured out that the ".BMP" spray paint logo files were stored in the tempdecal ".WAD" file in each Half-life Mods' folder and the rest was color spray paint logo making history. Logo History class is over. On to the technical stuff...


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