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14 June, 2001

foldr LOGO WareHouse (tm)
  The COLOR Spray Paint Logo Bible: (page 4 of 5)

"The Color Logo Bible" (page 4 of 5):
By "[TiC]EVIL."
Created 9 July, 2001
Last updated 14 July, 2004.
All rights reserved.


The finished logo file used to be named pldecal.wad , but now because of changes that the "Steam" update made to Half-life and it's Mods, the file must be re-named tempdecal.wad .

  1. If you don't already have them, download and install a copy of Wally (free bmp to wad converter) and a free graphic editor program like Paint Shop Pro or Photo Shop (free 30 trial versions available). WALLY can -NOT- be installed into a folder with SPACES in its name, so do -NOT- install Wally in your C:\Program Files folder, instead create a C:\Wally folder to install Wally in. You can get "demo" versions of photo editing software programs at, just search on the words "photo editor" there (load software from those sites at your own risk).

    These instructions are for Paint Shop Pro 6 Shareware.


  2. Download my example files kit (22kb) that accompanies this tutorial (contains: original deadbill1.jpg, finished deadbill5.bmp, and the completed pldecal.wad of deadbill). (The pldecal.wad file must be re-named tempdecal.wad ).

  3. Go get your high quality high resolution picture or photo or artwork that you want to turn into a custom color spray paint logo for a Half-life mod. If you want a good looking color spray paint logo, you have to start with a great looking picture!

    Start up Paint Shop Pro. On Paint Shop Pro's menu, click "FILE" then "OPEN". An "OPEN" menu should pop up. Now, browse to select your picture file, click to select it (it can be a ".JPG", ".GIF", ".BMP", etc, etc file at this point), then click "OPEN" to open your picture with Paint Shop Pro.

    Deadbill 208x96

    (Here is my ugly "
    dead BILL" 208x96 pixel original example ".jpg" file, I start with.)

  4. Reduce the picture to a valid "width times height" size for a spray logo.

    Click "IMAGE", then "RESIZE". A "RESIZE" menu should pop up. Make sure that menu's "Maintain aspect ratio" box is "CHECKED", change the "WIDTH" or the HEIGHT" setting, which ever is the SMALLER, to 64 pixels. You are trying to get your picture to the target size of 128x64 or 64x128 pixels, in steps without distorting it. After the reduction, if the LONGER side is still LONGER then 128 pixels, you will have to click on "Edit" and "Undo" the initial reducing, then instead of setting the shorter side to 64 pixels, you would have to set the longer side to 128 pixels on the "RESIZE" menu.

    Deadbill 128x59
    (ex.2) (128x59 pixels)

    (That's what I did on my example, I had to set my width to 128, that made my height come out to 59 pixels.)

    If your original picture is "square" instead of rectangular, you may want to consider setting its largest side to 96 pixels when reducing it, trying to shoot for the target square size of 96x96 pixels to show the parts of the picture that you wanted. Some in-game spray distortion might occur though, if you use dimensions other than 64x128 or 128x64.See
    Valid Size Chart at the bottom of page 3. 64x128 or 128x64 pixels is the recommend "best" size of available valid sizes.

    You might want to try different sampling "Resize type" settings, to see which distorts the picture the least, during the reduction process.


  5. Increase the "canvas" size of your picture to a valid size, preferably making it 64x128 or 128x64 pixels in size, if its not already.

    Click on "IMAGE", then "Canvas Size". A "Change Canvas Size" Menu should pop up. You have to set your '"NEW width" and your "NEW Height" settings. Here is where you ADD pixels to one side of the picture in order to get it to the 64x128 or 128x64 size. You will have to ADD pixels in one of these boxes "Top", "Bottom", "Left", "Right" as needed to adjust which side of your picture gets the new pixels added to it.

    Deadbill3.jpg 128x64 with green bar showing
    (ex.3) (128x64 pixels)

    (In my example, I set the "New Width" to 128, then I set the "NEW Height" to 64 and added 5 pixels to the bottom of the picture.)

    If you are using OTHER valid sizes besides the 64x128 or 128x64, you will have to adjust the pictures dimensions to
    Valid Sizes in this step. However we recommend using 128x64 or 64x128 pixel (width times height) for your finished logo.


  6. Convert the picture to a 8 bit color file.

    Click on "Colors", then click "Decrease Color Depth", then click "256 colors (8bit)...", a "Decrease Color depth 256" menu should pop up, click "OK". If that selection is "grayed out" that means you already have a 8 bit file. When set the picture to "8bit color", it might cause your picture to lose some quality.

    If you are using Photo Shop you will have to set the "MODE" to "indexed color" at the start of this step too.

  7. Edit the last color in its palette to be "pure blue".

    Click on "Colors", then click "Edit Palette". A "Edit palette" menu should pop up. Go to the BOTTOM RIGHT-HAND corner of that table and DOUBLE left click on the last color of the last row. A "Color" menu should pop up. Set "Red" to "0" (number zero), set "Green" to "0", and set "Blue" to "255". Click "OK", then click "OK".

  8. OK you have (2) choices at this stage. Either make the extra space "transparent" by coloring it "pure blue", or color it in with the picture's main background background color. If you color the added pixels with "pure blue", then when you spray the logo in the game the "pure blue" will not be visible. OR, instead of using "pure blue", you could just fill in the "added pixels" using the existing background color of the picture.

    To color in the "added pixels" with "pure blue", on the upper right-hand side of the screen, left click on the color selection box (the one that shows the selected color, the left one not the the one on the right touching it). The "Select Color From palette" menu should pop up. Left click on the last color in the palette (pure blue) to select it. Now use the "Flood Fill" tool (the paint bucket tool) to fill in the added pixels with "pure blue".

    Deadbill a .gif copy of my 128x64, 8 bit, last pallette color  pure blue and indexed .bmp
    (ex.4) (128x64) (with transparent blue strip at bottom)

    (This is a "copy " of the picture of my example. It's set to an indexed, 8bit,128x64 pixel ".bmp" file with the last color in its palette set to pure blue. It has also had the "added pixels" colored in with pure blue.) ( A ".BMP" file won't display on a web page, so I used a ".gif copy" to display it, btw.)

  9. You might want to add text to your picture.

    To add a caption to your picture, in Paint Shop pro's upper right-hand corner, select a color from the color chart, by clicking on the color that you want to use for the text. Now, click on the "Text" tool (its the "A" in the tool bar). Now, left click on your picture at the exact point you want the text to start and be inserted on to your picture. The "Text Entry" box should pop up. On the right side of the "Name" box there is a "arrow", click it to get a dropdown menu, scroll down and select a font type. I like using the font "Name" (type) "Arial", because it fits well on small pictures used to make logos. You can set the font's "Size" here too (font sizes 6-36 seem to work on logos). In the "enter Text Here" box, type in the message you want to show up on your picture ( I typed in "dead BILL"). To move the text, click on the "mover" tool (it looks like a cross symbol) then use it to move the text around. When you are happy were the text it at, click the "select" tool (looks like a rectangle with dashed) and click once on the picture to set the text.

    Deadbill with text , finished copy
    (ex.5) (128x64) (with bottom strip transparent and lettering.)

    (This is a "copy" of what my finished example ".BMP" looks like with text added. The "copy" is a ".gif" file to allow display on a web page.)

  10. Now save your finished picture as a ".BMP" file (indexed, 8bit,128x64 pixel ".bmp" file with the last color in its palette set to pure blue.)

    Click on "File", click on "Save copy As". The "Save copy As" menu should pop up. In the "File name" box, type in a name for YOUR first properly prepared CUSTOM ".bmp" file. On the right side of the "Save as type" box , click the "arrow", then scroll down to select "Windows or OS/2 bitmap (*.bmp)" . Then click "SAVE".

    (I called my finished example
    deadbill5.bmp . Its part of my example files kit (22kb). You can -NOT- have any spaces in your new ".BMP" files name, or it will -NOT- work with WALLY. )

  11. Now its time to turn your finished ". BMP" into a ".WAD" file named "pldecal.wad" with the WALLY "HL Decal Wizard" .

    Wally will -NOT- work if you have any SPACES in the name of your .bmp file. Wally will -NOT- work if you have the ".bmp" file stored in a folder that has spaces in its name. Wally will -NOT- work if you have "Wally.exe" installed in a folder that has spaces in its name.

    So if you installed Wally into C:\Wally folder, simply go make another sub-folder in that folder called "colorlogo" (don't use any spaces in its name). Then move your CUSTOM ".BMP" file into that C:\Wally\colorlogo folder.

    Now start up Wally. Click on "Wizard", then click on "HL Color Decal". The "HL Color Decal Wizard" should pop up. Click to select "File on hard drive", then click the "..." button. Then the "select the file you wish to import as a decal" menu should pop up. Use that menu to select YOUR finished CUSTOM ".bmp" file. After you find your ".bmp" file, click on it so its name shows up in the "Select File" box. Then click "OK". Then click "File", and then click "Save as". The "Save as" menu should pop up. Set the "Save as" file name to
    tempdecal.wad, then click "Save" (note where it saved your BRAND NEW CUSTOM spray logo to.

    Wally's "HL Decal Wizard"  will try to name the logo file pldecal.wad . Half-life color spray paint logo files used to be named pldecal.wad , but now because of changes that the "Steam" update made to Half-life and it's Mods, the file must be re-named
    tempdecal.wad . So re-name your pldecal.wad  to  tempdecal.wad .

  12. Go get your BRAND NEW CUSTOM color spray paint logo tempdecal.wad file and move a copy of it in each directory of each Half-Life Mod's folder that you want you want to spray it in.

    Here are the default paths to the various popular Half-life Mod's folders where the tempdecal.wad file should be copied to:
    (You only have to add the
    tempdecal.wad file to Mods you want to use the spray in).
     (NOTE: Replace the "" with your email address you used when you registered at Steam.)

    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike\

    Day of Defeat (DoD):
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\day of defeat\dod\

    TFC (Team Fortress Classic):
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\tfc\

    Death Match Classic:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\deathmatch classic\dmc\

    Half-life Classic:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\valve\

    Opposing Forces:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\opposing force\gearbox\

    SAVE A BACKUP COPY of YOUR "tempdecal.wad" file in a safe place !!!

  13. Now, simply get in a game for that Mod and SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY your new color spray paint logo !! ;-)

    (This is what my example logo looks like when sprayed in the game.)

  14. NOTES:
    If you go into a Half-life Mod's "Options-Multi-player" menu, it will ERASE your custom
    tempdecal.wad file in that Mod !!!

    Wait a few minutes after you first connect a server to allow your spray to "upload" (behind the scenes) to the server and then "download" to your friends so others can see it when you spray. Now try spraying it several times. If your logo doesn't work after 5 minutes, try getting on another server and spraying it. Sometimes servers have logo spraying turned off. You might also have a problem with your logo.

     If you are having a lot of trouble making a logo you made work, try downloading a color logo already made Download Logos (from our site) to make sure you can get that to spray ok first.

     If you have "downloads" or "uploads" turned off in that Mod you or others may not be able to "see" your logo on a server. If the server has "downloads" or "uploads" turned off you or others may not be able to "see" your logo on a server.
    If you are having troubles getting your logo to work see our Troubleshoot Logos page.



Your brand new custom logo MIGHT need tweaking. Wally sometimes "bleaches" out logos when it converts it to a ".wad" file. If your logo sprays "bleached out" in the game, use trial and error to tweak contrast-brightness, then spray it, then re-tweak if needed.

IF NEEDED, start up Wally again, click "File" and "open". The "Open" menu should pop up. Select your custom
tempdecal.wad file and then click "Open" . Then, double click on your tempdecal.wad file to select. Click on "Image" and then click on "Brightness and Contrast.." . The "Adjust Brightness/Contrast Settings" menu should pop up. Use the up/down buttons to adjust the Brightness and Contrast. Use the "Preview" button to see what your changes would look like. Your logo's WAD file might need the brightness turned DOWN by -10 to -25 or more. The contrast might need to be turned up from +4 to +15 or more. Then when you are finished adjusting, click "OK". Don't forget to backup a copy of your edited pldecal.wad file and to add it into each Mod's folder again. Repeat this process as needed.



If you need HELP, after you have read all 5 pages of this tutorial at least once and followed our Troubleshoot Logos page, then post a message on the AtomicWARRIOR "LOGO Forum" with a description of what step you are hung on and what your email address is, tell us what step you are hung on, tell us what you can get to work and what you can't get to work.

Also see our
Troubleshoot Logos page.


Well you just finished the BASICS, now move on up and take a look at "Better Looking Logos" page #5 of this tutorial for more advanced tips on making better looking logos. You don't want your logo to look as bad as DEAD BILL, do you ?. "Solid Color" cartoons are easy to turn into great looking logos, but to make great looking logos out of pictures you will need to do some "advanced tricks"! ;-) See page 5  of this tutorial for the "advanced tips"!!
Make good looking Color logos, read page 5

You want your logos to look as good as this [TiC] Logo, don't you? READ on to page #5 then !!


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