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14 June, 2001

foldr LOGO WareHouse (tm)
  The COLOR Spray Paint Logo Bible: (page 5 of 5)

"The Color Logo Bible
" (page 5 of 5):
By "[TiC]EVIL."
Created 9 July, 2001
Last updated 14 July, 2004.
All rights reserved.




The #1 most important thing, when making spray paint color logos, is to start with high resolution PHOTOs or art work. You must have quality clear pictures or art work if you want a GREAT looking CLEAR spray color logo. If you take screen shots, then shrink them, then convert them into a spray a logo, they look coarse and crappy. Solid color cartoons seem to easily hold their quality when you shrink them. 24 bit originals are better quality files to start with too, because of more resolution, but they will have to be converted to 8bit to guaranteed work EVER single time. 24bit ".bmps" files give the SHARPEST look and can be converted with Wally. Wally can be used WITH OTHER file types (like ".jpg" or ".gif" files), but --sometimes-- these other file types (just like 24bit color files do) "occasional" cause random troubles, so in the "The COLOR Logo Bible" tutorial we have the newbies use 8bit ".bmp" files for a working logo EVERY single time. "gif" files are usually 8bit 256 color and or normally not good quality unless they are a picture with only a few colors in it.



You will need a good "easy to use" graphic editor software program. I have an older version of Photo Shop that I use, but it was not free. Photo Shop comes in a 30 day trial version too. If you can still find a copy, Paint Shop Pro8 is only a 30 trial version. You can also use Lview Pro, or any other graphic editor program you could find or might have to edit and prepare the BMP file. The ability to edit the color table (color palette) is a must. You could even use WALLY itself to edit and create graphic editor program, but its limited as an editor. For links to any of these programs, see the "Handy Links" section on the LOGO Warehouse Main Logos page. You can get "demo" versions of photo editing software programs at, just search on the words "photo editor" there (load software from those sites at your own risk).



Computers are "digital" so they "think" in powers of 2. So, to avoid "spray distortion" or "stretching" when you spray your logo in games, you will need to make sure that your logo's width and height (in pixels) are a "multiple of a power of 2" -AND- a "multiple of 16" -AND- as BIG as you can legally make it.

This means that for you to have great looking logos, they should have:

  1. A "valid" height times width (as per the Valid Size Chart on page 3 of this tutorial).

  2. -AND- also have width and height dimensions that are a power of 2 -AND- a multiple of 16.
    (16, 32, 64,128, 256, 512)

  3. -AND- of course have a width times height of equal to or less than 10,752 pixels.
    Width (in pixels) multiplied by height (in pixels) =< 10,752 pixels.

  4. -AND- the logo should be as big as possible.

  5. -AND- the finished tempdecal.wad file can NOT be bigger then 15KB in size.

So what all this means is the BEST SIZE for a color spray paint logo is 64x128 or 128x64 in pixels Width x Height even though some others sizes will work.

If you have a file that is smaller then 64x128 or 128x64, its would be best to add to its "canvas" and coloring the new extra space with PURE BLUE (red=0,green=0,blue=255). For example if you have a file that is 64 x 112, it would be best to ADD to its "canvas" on its top or bottom, until it was 64x128 and color in the extra added space with pure blue. You might even want to add a visible color there, then add some text for a caption, maybe.



When you convert a ".BMP" file to "indexed color" mode with Photo Shop you should use "adaptive" sampling, it leaves an extra slot at the end of the color table (color palette) to add in pure blue. When you reduce the size of your original, you might want to try several different types of sampling to see which distorts it the least. Its usually best to reduce the original in 24 bit instead of 8 bit, add text in "RGB" mode, then convert it to an 8 bit indexed color file, then make the last color in the color table (color palette) "pure blue", but sometimes you simply have to experiment to get the best sequence.



With Photo Shop it seems that its best to have the logo in "RGB" mode and use "anti-aliasing" when adding text if you want the text to be fairly "smooth". If you want the text to be more visible on the spray at the cost of smoothness, it seems best if you do NOT use the "anti-aliasing" in RGB mode. If you want it to look smooth use "anti-aliasing".



WALLY seems to RAISE BRIGHTNESS and LOWER the CONTRAST when it converts the ".BMP" files to ".WAD" files for logos (when using the "HL Decal Wizard"). Once you have converted your file to a ".WAD" file you will need to use WALLY's BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST to FIX it in the finished ".WAD" file. Your logo's ".WAD" file might need the brightness turned DOWN by -10 to -25 or more. The contrast might need to be turned up from +4 to +15 or more. Make your logo, then and spray it in a game, if it looks bad, tweak the WAD file, re-spray it, re-tweak it, use trial and error and make yourself a MASTER PIECE!!.



SUBMIT your finished tested MASTER PIECE spray paint logos for posting here at the LOGO Warehouse, and show them off to the World !


ADVANCED Tutorials and supplies:

How to use Paint Shop Pro tutorial

How to use Photo Shop tutorial

50 free graphics editing programs

ALSO, see the "Handy Links" at the bottom of our LOGO Warehouse Main Logos page for even more tutorials.


  THANKS [TiC]Clan:

Special thanks to the great guys over at [TiC]'TALK is CHEAP' Clan for their help.

"The Color Spray Paint Logo Bible"
by "[TiC]EVIL"
9 July, 2001,
Last updated: 14 July, 2004,
All rights reserved.

(AKA "The EASY Color Spray Paint Logo Tutorial for Lazy Gamers")


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