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14 June, 2001

foldr LOGO WareHouse (tm)
  How to make a REGULAR HL logo Tutorial:

[TiC]EVIL's quick and dirty "Regular Logo" making Tutorial:
(The EASIEST way to make a regular Half-life ".bmp" "grayscale" logos)
By: [TiC]EVIL.
Last updated: 15 July, 2004

All rights reserved.

For making  "color logos" (multi-colored logos) instead of "regular grayscale logos" see our "Color Logo Bible".

1. Go into your Half-life's (Single-player-DeathMatch) logo folder and open the "chick1.bmp" file by double left clicking on it:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\valve\logos\chick1.bmp

(NOTE: Replace the "" part with your email address
you used when you registered at Steam.)

(this is a GIF picture of the chick1.bmp file)

Open it with the Windows "PAINT" graphics editing program (or any other photo editing software). The Windows "PAINT" program comes with Windows 98 and most other Windows operating systems. Then click "VIEW", then click "LARGE SIZE" (this expands the "view" or size of the logo to make it easier to see ONLY while you are editing it in the "PAINT" program).

2. Then, paint the entire logo the color WHITE, it would be completely SOLID and colored in if sprayed like this in the game. If you were to edit the logo and make it all BLACK at this step, it would be a blank slate, or without color when sprayed in the game). Regular (grayscale) logos have the color intensity "inverted" when sprayed in Half-life (the BMP files are negatives of what is seen sprayed in the game) .

It should look like this:


3. Click "SAVE AS" and name your newly created logo "blanklogo" (blanklogo.bmp) (this saves a blank copy of it for the next time you want to make a logo).

Here is my handy version of a 64x64 pixel blanklogoevils.bmp with the 8 bit grayscales added from black to white in 16 shades of gray at the top with a clean background (black):


4. Now, start drawing in WHITE -OR- BLACK -OR- some Shade of GRAY on your blanklogo.bmp with the "Paint" Program. DO NOT select green, red, or blue, etc, etc. You might want to make your first logo by drawing some letters on it, maybe write your name on it in black letters against the white background.

NOTE: A Half-life regular spray logo -HAS- to be black or white or some shade of gray, this is called a "grayscale" file. You can -NOT- use any colors to edit a logo .bmp file, only black or white or some shade of gray, Half-life will add the "color" in the game.

This is what a example custom logo with a white background and black writing looks like:

(example picture of a custom logo)

5. When you are done drawing your newly created "Master Piece", "SAVE AS" it using a new name (it will be saved as a grayscale 8bit / 256 color .BMP file that is 64 by 64 pixels { defaults } because that is the type of file that you started with ). If you don't "SAVE AS" it with a new name, you will over write the original blanklogo.bmp and you would have to recreate the "blank" each time you start a new logo.

6. Now put your new "Regular Spray Paint Logo" into your Half-life's logo  folder:
 C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\valve\logos

The path to your new regular logo file should look like this (if you used the new name mylogo.bmp):
 C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\valve\logos\yourlogo.bmp  

To see this "Regular" Logo" in other Mods you will have to install them their logo folder as well.

Here are the default paths to the various popular Half-life Mod's folders where the your ".bmp" regular logo file
should be copied to:

 (NOTE: Replace the "" part with your email address you used when you registered at Steam.)

(You only have to add your ".bmp" regular logo file to Mods you want to use the spray in).

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike\logos

Day of Defeat (DoD):
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\day of defeat\dod\logos

TFC (Team Fortress Classic):
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\tfc\logos

Death Match Classic:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\deathmatch classic\dmc\logos

Half-life Classic:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\valve\logos

Opposing Forces:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\opposing force\gearbox\logos

7. Start up Half-life, then click on "Options-Multiplayer", then click on on "NEXT" or "PREVIOUS" buttons until you find your new logo. Then select the color that you want your new regular logo to be displayed in. (You have to do this for each Mod you installed the "regular logo" in.

NOTE: The color YELLOW seems to "brighten up" a picture. Also , at the bottom of the color selection chart is the color BLACK, but it is "Hidden". Then, go into a game and hit the key you have bound to spray paint logo, and show the World your art work!

If the above custom logo example were sprayed in the game with the color RED selected for it in Half-life's CUSTOMIZE menu, it would look like this if sprayed on a white wall:

(example picture sprayed in game)

8. If it looks "weak", go back and re-edit it with Windows Paint. Then re-spray, etc., etc., using trial and error.

9. If you need some help editing logos -OR- if you want to have your name ADDED to a logo (CUSTOMIZED), post a message on the AtomicWARRIOR FORUM with your problem asking for help.


Window's "Paint" program is some what limited, once you master basic regular logos with just text, you will want to make fancier regular logos with pictures, and you will need to get a REAL graphic editing software program, maybe one like Paint Shop Pro or Photo Shop (they have trial versions). You can also use Wally to edit BMP files, it has some special requirements, but it is FREE. They all have a readme file. Just remember ALWAYS save your finished half-life logos as 64x64 pixels, 8bit / 256 color, grayscale, inverted image, .bmp files .

ADVANCED Regular Half-life Tutorials:

Val's regular Halflife Logo Tutorial

ALSO, see the "Handy Links" at the bottom of our LOGO Warehouse Main Logos page for even more tutorials.


Special thanks to the great guys over at [TiC]'TALK is CHEAP' Clan for their help.


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