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When the going gets tough, you better have the "Clan LEADER's Bible" handy! It's a must read for every Clan Leader.

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14 June, 2001

foldr News page #4:

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  Tuesday 15 January 2002:

Well it's a been a long time in the welding shop, but finally, we have reworked, re-welded and re-tweaked the ClubREGISTRY and it is nothing short of being bullet proof and fast as lightning! The ClubREGISTRY has already started taking applicants for registration. If you hurry, you will still be able to get a really low registration number for your club. If you have a club or clan or squadron you better scoot on over there fast and registered your club today for free. If you are a individual gamer looking for a clan that needs you, swing on by the ClubREGISTRY's powerful SEARCH feature and pick out a club to join!

  Get your club REGISTERED today! Gamers are always searching the AtomicWARRIOR ClubREGISTRY for clubs to join or to challenge in matches.

The ClubREGISTRY was meant to be re-released at the same time as the awesome "Clan LEADER's Bible" tutorial release date, but we wanted to make absolutely sure it would be every bit as good and would live up to the standard set by "The Clan LEADER's Bible" tutorial. After extensive beta testing we are ready to open our doors. Well, here they are check them out for your self. "The Clan LEADER's Bible" has even been polished a little more since it's initial release. The plan is to add quality and compact knowledge to it as time passes to enable those that read it a clear and successful path into the future with their clubs!

When the going gets tough, you better have the "Clan LEADER's Bible" handy! It's a must read for every Clan Leader.
""When the going gets tough, you better have "The Clan Leaders Bible" handy!!!""


  Tuesday 1 January 2002:

Happy New Year to all!

We hope this year brings you good luck and all the fun you seek. There are lots of new games scheduled for release in 2002. is ready to expand and bring fun new services to all the friendly gamers out there. In January we will unveil some new and exciting features for clubs, so stay tuned for 2002 !

Happy New Year to all!
Have a safe and fun one.


  Sunday 23 December 2001:

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Happy holidays out there. We hope Santa brings you all the games you want.

We have some neat and fun things planed for January. We have a major project we are about to finish. We should announce it at the start of the New Year. Thanks to all that have helped and contributed here and thanks to all that try to be good civil gamers.

Merry Christmas to all!


  Friday 30 November 2001:

Looky here, we have a NEW color scheme to the web site, thanks for your patience during the transition. The new color scheme is better for those will have vision problems or are "monitor brightness challenged".

We have the AtomicWARRIOR Forum back up with a BRAND new install, so post away there. Sorry to a few, but we need everyone to re-register at the Forum, this will preserve your game name in the future there too.

We have the Clans & Clubs section up and have just a touch more work to do there up there. The [TiC] Clan guys have written an awesome and quite possible the BEST ever tutorial on how to create and run a successful internet clan or club. If you run a clan or if your clan is having problems, you HAVE to read this awesome tutorial, it's called "The Clan LEADER's BIBLE". A lot of the info is good for any clan, squadron, guild, or gaming club. It's a must read, don't forget to bookmark it.

There is a NEW game out called "Ghost Recon" it is similar to "Half-life Counter-Strike" (which is currently the most popular 3D shooter internet game). will make every effort to support this explosive new game as it sweeps across the internet. It might very well likely go on to replace Counter-Strike as the top 3d shooter internet game, as "CS" is currently plagued by cheaters and other poor sports.


  Saturday 24 November 2001:

Check out the brand new AtomicWARRIOR Forum . It has a sharp new look ! Feel free to post a message there, just keep it clean. rolled past its first 1/2 million (500,000+) hits on its hit counter. Thanks to everyone for the support. We have had tweaks going on around the site such as the new Message Board and some new sponsors. We have a massive amount of submitted logos that we will have posted shortly. Thanks again to all that have supported and submitted logos, good work guys !

America is moving past the sad happenings of 11 September with a new energized spirit, it's good to see everyone taking pride in their Country and the people that paid to make it free.


  Tuesday 18 September 2001:

Show your support for AMERICA !! Get a color spray paint logo of the American Flag (see logo #4) . We have the American Flag spray along with the flags of many other countries. Show your support !

Post your views on this terrible terrorist attacks against the USA up on the AtomicWARRIOR Forums. It's not smart to attack the only Country to have actually used nuclear weapons!

The chaos of last week luckily did not effect any of the AtomicWARRIOR Staff, and we are thankful for that. We offer our support for all the victims, their families, and friends.


  Tuesday 11 September 2001:

The World can be a terrible place some times. Our greatest sympathy goes out to the victims and family and friends of the those that lost their lives in the terrorist attack. We hope that the victims that survived heal quickly, and we hope the maniacs that organized these crimes are brought to justice swiftly.

The killers that did these terrible acts are not true to Islam. Do not view all Muslims by the acts of a few maniacs.


  Thursday 9 August 2001:

We just got a link from =CustomStrike=, thanks to "Burney"! It's the same "Burney" that wrote the "Decal Converter" Software.

We have a boat load of SUBMITTED Logos to post at the LOGO WareHouse. We promise guys and gals, we will get them posted this weekend, or may lighten hit our grave!

Hopefully, we will start to wrestle the "CLAN" section of our site to a finished form. We proof read the [TiC] Clan's "How to make a Clan" Tutorial , and we can honestly say it is the best tutorial on running a clan we have ever seen, it's very impressive. We should have that and some other handy tools for budding new clan leaders, soon.

On a wider front, it is good to see just how friendly the average spray logo guy is. There are a lot of good guys out there in the Half-Life community, but there are literally millions of troublemakers. The "Logo Guys" all seems like decent folk, it's refreshing to come across so many friendly Half-Life people in a row :)

We have a truck load of clans that have requested to have their link ADDED to your Links page to get their clan listed there, this also is on our priority list. It might take half a day to do this, as we have a cazillion clans to list. Sorry for the delay clan leaders, but don't worry we have not forgotten you.


  Thursday 2 August 2001:

Thanks to Chris over at, he just gave us a link. His site has lots of neat logos and tutorials and a neat rat logo. Chris is the guy that made those "Rat" maps for TFC.



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