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LOGO Warehouse is now a part of AtomicWARRIOR. Download Halflife spray paint logos or submit your tested logos  for posting here.Check out the logo tutorials too !

When the going gets tough, you better have the "Clan LEADER's Bible" handy! It's a must read for every Clan Leader.

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14 June, 2001

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  Wednesday 5 March 2003:

A lot of people have been asking for help with color spray logo problems. Our AtomicWARRIOR Logo Support Crew have been very busy lately. They updated and extended the Troubleshooting Color Logo Guide and touched it up to make it easier to understand. You can also easily test your spray logos on the [TiC]Clan's low pinging "[TiC]Talk is Cheap" server at ip (a Half-life Counter-Strike server). That server is specially set up to allow you to spray your logo over and over without a delay to test it. All friendly people are welcome there on their servers, but [TiC]Clan does not allow any nude sprays or rude language on their servers.

"[TiC]Talk is Cheap CS"
(a logo test Half-life Counter-strike Server)

 We hope all these efforts help you get your logo working quickly. If you do have a problem, please make sure you read the complete detailed (5) page Create a Color Logo tutorial ("Color Logo Bible") about how to make a color spray logo. Due to the shear number of people needing help with a logo problem, please do  not  send us an email asking us to make you a logo or to fix your logo, as we are simply swamped, instead, post a message in the AtomicWARRIOR Logo Forum with your game name and a detailed message about what you have tried and what problem you are having. Due to the time we have invested into the extensive tutorials at this site, if your problems is obviously covered in the  Create a Color Logo  tutorial we will not respond to your question. We hope you get your art work converted and tested and sprayed as smoothly as possible. Thanks very much to the AtomicWARRIOR Logo Support Crew and especially all the help offered by the [TiC]Clan. :)


  Thursday 20 February 2003:

Here is a gamer's update about some of the many new games.  "America's Army"  is growing strong. It's one of the many first person shooter games that are out on the market and doing well. The full game is totally FREE and completely downloadable. The "America's Army" game was created for free by the USA Army and is based on the Unreal Tournament 2003 Engine or so the rumor has it. A fairly new game that is growing fast is Battlefield 1942 and it's WW2 based. Battlefield 1942 has a free single player and an online demo version that is also downloadable. There is a "free server" version for Battlefield 1942 available too, just like Half-life offers. One of the top video card manufactures is giving away a free full copy of Ghost Recon which has a single player and online demo version that is available to the public too. And of course Half-life and  it's top modification Counter-Strike are doing well. If you buy the game Half-life you can download the full version of Counter-Strike as a mod for free. There is a free single player demo version of Half-life. Counter-Strike is leading all other first person shooter games. The creators of Quake3 have several demo versions of their games available for download too: Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, etc. There are many other games out now: Neverwinter Nights, Soldier of Fortune2, are just a few other popular ones. If you try any of these games please post your reviews of those or any other fun games up at our FORUMs. We look forward to your feedback!


  Sunday 4 August 2002:

We have been cleaning up the  LOGO WareHouse section of our site. We should have the entire Logo section straighten out by the end of today. We had to fix a few links (opps). Sorry again for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone. If you find any errors, please report them to us so we can fix them write away. Have a fun game and happy spray painting!
LOGO Warehouse is now a part of AtomicWARRIOR. Download Halflife spray paint logos or submit your tested logos  for posting here.Check out the logo tutorials too !


  Tuesday 23 July 2002:

There has been a lot happening in online gaming this Summer season. There are a few new games out that are a generation above the now old "Half-life" game engine and are quickly over running  the old 3d standard. Some of the newer games out there are: "America's Army" (a totally free download), "Medal of Honor" (has 2 free demo versions, single player and online demos), and also there is Return to Castle Wolfenstein  (also has a  free demo). "Medal of Honor" is WW2 themed and the graphics put Half-life DoD (free Day of Defeat Mod) to shame, no disrespect to the great guys at the DoD (Day of Defeat) Mod, it is just that the Half-life engine is near the end of it's life cycle.

If your clan is  looking to rent a professionally ran and supported game server at a reasonable price, check out Recon . They are a professional game server rental company that rents out game server's starting at about  40$/month for a 12 person Counter-Strike server (other size/prices available). You also get a Roger Wilco Base Station, Psychostats (player's stats on your server), a web site account with PhP and other goodies. Several of our team have reported very positive reviews of their service. They host just about any major game server (Half-life, UT, Tribes, etc.) It is a well established company that has just about everything you would need to bring your clan into the bright lights of the big time.

 There are now 213 Clans registered at the
ClubREGISTRY   and it is still completely free to register. Better get your clan or club registered today! There are a lot of volunteers that have been helping  others in the Forums, thanks for the help guys! "The Clan LEADER's Bible" has quickly become THE guide that people are using to help start their clan or online club. Many thanks to the guys over at the [TiC]Clan for sharing this with others, their site is packed with other tips too. Since the last News update this site broke the 1.5 million hit mark and now we are well on our way to 2 million hits. Thanks to all that contribute and have helped make this a success.


  Thursday 9 May 2002:

There is a new patch out for Half-Life (version and a new patch for Counter-Strike (version 1.4). You can get the Half-Life patch at 3dGamers (they don't have the Counter-Strike Mod patch, only the Retail version's patch). You can get the Counter-Strike Mod patch here .

We got another link from a startup server rental and web site hosting company called Their prices are pretty competitive. Everyone is encouraged to comment on them in our SERVER Forum. They are trying to run and rent 'clean' servers, this will help all the friendly gamers out there.  gamer server rental and web site hosting.

If you are looking for a clan to join, we have 147 good clans registered at ClubREGISTRY. You can use the ClubREGISTRY 's SEARCH page to look for a clan that plays the same game as you do, then compare the different clans you find and then apply to them. Clans that are recruiting are encourage to post an ads in our CLAN Forum, don't forget to post your clan's web site address. Players looking to join a clan or start a clan are encouraged to post there too, don't forget to include your email address so people can contact you.
Get your club REGISTERED today! Gamers are always searching the AtomicWARRIOR ClubREGISTRY for clubs to join or to challenge in matches.


  Thursday 28 March 2002:

Thanks to "Garsands" for linking to us over at his sharp site at Counter-Strike.INFO . If you have not been by there, you need to go check out. They will be moving shortly to a new url at Gaming-Links.INFO. It has over 5000 Counter-Strike related links, and we thought our Links page was big. :)

We have over 95 clans, squadrons and guilds registered at the
ClubREGISTRY now and they are quickly adding up!
Get your club REGISTERED today! Gamers are always searching the AtomicWARRIOR ClubREGISTRY for clubs to join or to challenge in matches.

If you have any good tips about how to run a clan post them up at our
Clan Forum. We have a new tutorial in the works, we should be ready to publish it here next month, it's a surprise!


  Monday 12 March 2002:

Wow!! We past our first 1,000,000th page hit here on the 1 March !! The site has really grown. We would like to thank everyone that has helped with the site. Thanks to all the artist that have submitted logos! Thanks to all the friendly logo sites and clans that gave us links too! Thanks to the [TiC] Clan guys that have submitted tutorials and helped in a million ways! Thanks to all the other gamers that have given friendly reviews to all the work done by our team!

77 clans are now registered and growing fast!
Get your club REGISTERED today! Gamers are always searching the AtomicWARRIOR ClubREGISTRY for clubs to join or to challenge in matches.

We also fixed a minor bug in the AtomicWARRIOR Forums, so people should be posting up a storm now! If you have a friendly non-cheating clan, you are welcome and encouraged to post an ad about your clan, squadron, guild, club in the Clan Forum. We also have a Logo Forum there too for the artists. Just please don't use any foul language.


  Sunday 17 February 2002:

We just had some more quality gaming sites give us a link. "HexDump" just gave us a link from his "RWtuneG2" site. "RWtuneG2" is the second generation of his RW channel switcher add-on. Counter-Strike KOREA Clan also linked to us, they a Korean Clan with a CS server, if you are in Korea check them out they are friendly. We also good a link for too they have a lot to offer. The people over at the newsgroup linked to us to. "BoseTuner" is a new RW channel switcher that was written by "BadRat", they just linked to us too. The BoseTuner has a lot of features. Geek on a Leash is a Half-life news and hardware tweak site ran by a young man that linked to us too. They offer logos too. We just picked up a link for one of the top scripting sites for half-life called Counter-Script . Thanks to "Equal-Hate" for the link! We also got a link from the CounterStrike Sprays logo site. It's a new and up and coming spray site that started in January.

Thanks guys!!! Lets work together to help bring civil to online gaming!


  Friday 15 February 2002:

There is a handy little free add-on program out there for Roger Wilco called "MyTuner".

"MyTuner" adds new need features to Roger Wilco. It allows you to do "hot-key channel switching" and other handy things while staying in a game. The [TiC] Clan guys estimate that over 10,000 gamers already use it. It is used heavily by most online Flight Squadrons to coordinate their missions. Clans also use it to switch between offense and defense Roger Wilco channels in games. It has been out for over 1 1/2 years and has been well tested by the gaming community. There is a "MyTuner Manual" available too. The author is working on updating it and is asking for voluntary $5 donation to fund it's further advancements. Let us now if you try this by posting a message in our Forums about it, please?

For this and other voice communication tips for gamers, check out our Voice Comms page!


  Monday 11 February 2002:

Our mega LINKs sections just got a once over and we received a bunch of new links from other game sites. We will be giving little briefings on these new sites here shortly. Thanks for the links Webmasters!

There are dozens of submitted logos to be added at the LOGO WareHouse's , we will go through and post them up soon too. Your support is appreciated Artists!

"The Clan LEADER's Bible" has received an unbelievable spectacular reception in the gaming community. Here are just some of the awesome REVIEWS received from gamers. If you want to start a clan or if you are a Clan Leader, this tutorial is a must read! It is probably the single most important thing a clan leader will ever read. In our over all goal to bring civility to online gaming, this tutorial will be a corner stone and help many to the right path, thanks [TiC] Clan guys!

When the going gets tough, you better have the "Clan LEADER's Bible" handy! It's a must read for every Clan Leader.

Hey all you lone wolf gamers, if you are a gamer looking for a good fun clan to join, go check out the ClubREGISTRY. You can search for clubs, squadrons, or guilds by what games they play. If you are a webmaster looking for a club, you can even search for a club in need of a webmaster, there are many more neat features too. The ClubREGISTRY is where clan's go to get their anti-cheating and pro-sportsmanship clans registered to help them advertise their club, this will help them recruit quality new members.

Get your club REGISTERED today! Gamers are always searching the AtomicWARRIOR ClubREGISTRY for clubs to join or to challenge in matches.



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